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What Causes Arthritis?

We are at a turning point in our understanding of how to prevent and fight diseases such as arthritis. Rates of arthritis, cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and other common diet related diseases are skyrocketing. However, the latest scientific research and clinical evidence is revealing that the power to protect ourselves against these threats and resist them lies in a simple solution: the foods we eat everyday.

Everybody knows that they should eat food which is good for them, and avoid junk food. But the question arises: what is the best food to eat to heal arthritis?

A major cause of arthritis is chronic inflammation, which in large part is a result of the food you have been eating. Toxic foods such as refined sugar, refined grains, processed foods and industrial seed oils lead to chronic inflammation. By adopting a diet that removes, or at the very least minimises these foods, you will be able to dramatically improve your arthritis condition. By following the right diet, you can achieve a drug free way to prevent and relieve arthritis.

Heal Arthritis

Understand exactly what the Arthritis Diet is all about. Gain the knowledge to improve your health. We help clients treat their arthritis.

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Having weekly meal plans will help you to plan ahead and keep you on track. These will help avoid confusion and make treating your arthritis very easy.



Everything you need to cook delicious healthy recipes to help you heal arthritis. Meals that are quick & simple to prepare, and taste great.

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We provide you with a grocery list for your meal plans, so you know exactly what you need. You’ll know what you need to protect you from arthritis triggers.

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90% of the UK population will suffer from arthritis by the time they are 60 years old. Many will suffer terribly and in time their quality of life can often deteriorate significantly. Usually arthritis begins with mild aches and pains in your joints, which people put up with for a while before having to visit their doctor. Unfortunately, all your doctor will do is give you some pills such as anti-inflammatories or pain killers. None of these prescriptions will cure arthritis – at best all they might do is relieve your pain, but only for a short time.. at worst they may even make your arthritis even more painful.

If you identify the root causes of arthritis then it can be prevented and joint pains & aches can be significantly relieved…

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the doctors or medical experts, dieticians, etc to effectively prevent or relieve your arthritis. They treat arthritis usually one pill at a time – but don’t treat the root cause of the disease: bad diet. This is because they all follow the food guidelines that were written by the food industry – and they don’t want things to change because it will harm their profits.

Weight Effects Arthritis

Being overweight increases your chances of developing arthritis. It makes it more likely to you’ll develop arthritis or make the disease worse if you already have it. We know that the chance of developing arthritis is closely linked to body weight.

Yes, we all know there are skinny people with arthritis and obese people with healthy joints. However, the chance of developing arthritis in your joints is strongly associated with your body weight. If you are overweight and you are needing to heal arthritis then it is an area of your life that you need to pay attention to.

Arthritis Treatment

Many health problems can be linked to a persons diet. If you eat food that is not natural for the human body, then there will be negative consequences. When it comes to arthritis treatment, a healthy diet is the first thing you should be looing at.

The arthritis diet will not only help treat your arthritis and heal it, but it will also make you, slim, fit and healthy – plus it will also help you treat a range of health problems. By following a arthritis diet you will be eating natural, unprocessed, healthy food – and as a result your health will improve.

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Arthritis Diet Guidebook. Nutritious, quick to prepare arthritis healing meals that fuel your body with the right foods. Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free and low carb. Plus ingredient lists & detailed step-by-step cooking instructions.


Quickly understand why you have arthritis – and how to reverse it. Understanding the role diet has on your health is key, and you will be able to effectively treat your arthritis, kickstart your healing and prevent further damage. This workshop will help you learn about the diet.


This is an online video course that shows you exactly how to follow the Arthritis Diet. It puts procedures in places to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the diet – to make sure you correctly follow the protocol and optimise the healing of your arthritis.


Why Do Some People Never Develop Arthritis?

Why do 10% of people over 60 never develop arthritis? Why is it that there are some communities around the world where over 90% of the people never develop arthritis? Some of these communities are in financially poor parts of the world, often with poor medical care – communities that are often labelled as “primitive”, but they are somehow able to avoid suffering from arthritis – why is this?

Eat your way to good health, or continue with your current habits and suffer the consequences – the choice is yours…

Over the years many scientists have studied so called “primitive” communities, who enjoy excellent health – free of many modern diseases such as arthritis, cancer, dementia, stroke, IBS, etc – to find out what is different about them, in order to learn how so many of them are disease free.

For example, the Maasai people who inhabit northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania – for them arthritis is extremely rare – almost unheard of. Their diet consists mainly of: blood, milk, meat and a small amount of vegetables. More important to note is that it does not include any refined sugar, no refined wheat, no processed foods and no vegetable oils – ingredients which are common in ‘Western’ diets.

Scientist who studied “primitive” populations who enjoyed excellent health, found that while their diets were different from each other – they all consumed food that was natural, food that was the same as their ancestors ate. None contained the “white man’s food” of refined sugar, refined wheat, processed foods or vegetable oils.

For example, the Eskimo populations in Canada & Alaska were free of arthritis – and they consumed their traditional diet of mainly fresh fish, caribou, the organs of large sea animals, kelp, some berries and seal oil.

Studies have shown that if individuals from these “primitive” communities start adopting a “Western Diet” then they start developing many modern diseases such as arthritis – highlighting how important diet is in protecting you from modern diseases such as arthritis.

By adopting the right diet – the ‘Arthritis Diet’ – a diet that protects you from chronic inflammation, and does not include refined sugar, refined wheat, processed foods or vegetable oils – you will be able to prevent and relieve your arthritis.